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Culinary Creations LLC


Phone (501) 477-2433
Address 119 E Broadway St,
Morrilton, AR 72110 United States


Culinary Creations LLC is a local provider of caterering service in Morrilton. Visit us soon at our business address or give us a ring at (501) 477-2433.

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  • Culinary Creations LLC

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    “Maybe you should tell servers when you're ordering that you're intending to review their restaurant...I had high expectations for Culinary Creations, and maybe that is where I went wrong. My husband and I took the baby in for lunch on a recent visit to sample some of owner-chef Carol Harmon's cuisine. Our mood was celebratory; we had just come from our ultrasound exam and were delighted to have seen our baby for the first time.

    It all went wrong...okay, okay, the food was admittedly okay; not what we expected after all the radio hype, but decent.

    The place was nearly empty. I really expected it to be much more crowded. There was one party of six or eight ladies who were getting ready to leave, and then a party of one, a party of two, and us. No one else came in the entire time we were there. I noted at least two staff in the kitchen that I could see, and two wait staff.

    I knew in my heart of hearts, when the waitress seated us at a table for two and then inquired whether we would need a high chair for the baby...I suppose we could have just held her in our laps while we ate, but it was a silly question.

    I attempted to order the asiago cheese soup that was advertised in the window but was told that it was not available. She did not tell us the soup of the day or the special, despite the fact that I had inquired about soup. I finally asked outright what it get the idea. It was painfully obvious she had no real experience as a waitperson. She was not rude, but not really courteous, either.

    When the food arrived, we settled in to dig in. Although the beef on my panini sandwich was on the salty side, the grilled rosemary bread rescued it. The side choices for lunch sandwich plates leave a bit to be desired, with potato chips or potato salad. I got the potato salad (which was pretty good, as far as potato salad goes). My husband got the chips, which turned out to be a small bag of Lay's. We expected maybe some homemade kettle chips, perhaps a more upscale package of kettle chips, but just Lay's. Not that there's anything really wrong with Lay's potato chips, it just wasn't in keeping with the bottles of wine on display...
    We found ourselves in need of things. Several things. I still had no straw, which I had asked for when I ordered. Our plates were dropped off quickly and no napkins were proferred, nor did we get the chance to ask for them! I was still waiting for the server to come back our way, or even glance in our direction, when I ran out of fruit punch. I waited far longer than anyone should have to (perhaps 5 minutes), then I rather pointedly held my empty cup up in the air for her, or anyone else, for that matter, to notice. I remained in this position for a ludicrous amount of time. One server was chatting amiably with the party of one at a table just out of hearing distance from us. They apparently knew each other and had a lot of catching up to do. The other server stood behind the bar area and added up tickets for the party of ladies getting ready to leave. At no time did either of them so much as sniff the air in our general direction.

    I was, by this time, getting upset. I had a 19 month old with a dirty face. I needed the napkins. My own fingers were greasy from my grilled sandwich. The two small paper napkins which had graced our table when we arrived had long since served their purpose in life. I still, damn it, wanted the straw. Although I didn't really need it at this point, as I had had nothing in my glass to drink for more than 10 minutes.

    In exasperation, I finally called to the server chatting it up with the table down the row. I asked for a refill, napkins, and straw. I got the refill.

    Meanwhile, we finished our meal. Our empty plates sat in front of us for about five minutes as we waited for our check to arrive. And waited...and waited....

    I finally caught the waitress's eye. I'm not quite sure how it happened; surely it was an accident on her part. She came over to our table with a pained expression on her face. I'm not sure if it had finally dawned on her that she had entirely failed to acknowledge our existence or if she was frustrated that we required her attention. She certainly didn't apologize, so I tend to think it was the latter. She simply asked what we needed. I said Our ticket. We're ready to leave. She seemed completely nonplussed.

    Now, I'm a good tipper. I have a reputation for being entirely too generous with waitstaff. I recently tipped thirty dollars on a ninety dollar ticket, for example. I had received exemplary service. I'll not mention any other occasions because my husband is my most faithful reader on AC...well at any rate the point is, I know how to tip. I generally tip even a poor server who means well at least ten to fifteen percent.
    When I saw the ticket, I was galled, not by the price, which was only $15.20, but to read these words: Remember, our wait staff work hard. Don't forget to tip them! That's pretty close. I should have kept a copy. I had previously raised my right eyebrow at the print in the menu that said they would add not fifteen percent gratuity but eighteen percent, for parties of six or more. This was printed at least once on every page of the menu for crying out loud. Such a notation is expected although not appreciated; however, usually only once and not for more than fifteen percent. I considered it tacky to be plastered all over the menu, and then to see it on the ticket itself as well...tacky, tacky, tacky. We'll not reiterate just how hard the wait staff worked for me that day.

    I left a note on the ticket to the effect that since I did not appreciate being utterly ignored from the moment I ordered til the moment I left, I would not be leaving a tip. I had to leave the note because she never came back to collect our ticket. Come to think of it, it's probably better that she didn't.

    I don't suppose I'll ever again experience the grandeur of Culinary Creations. I'll never know how good their asiago soup is. I'll never be able to order beef tenderloin with blackberry chipotle sauce for dinner because I'll never set foot in there again. The final crowning glory was when we left and I saw their banner hanging in the window with the word dining misspelled. It read Fine dinning. More like fine dunning.

    If you want to give them another chance, their phone number is 501 477-2433. They are located across from the train depot in downtown Morrilton, at 119 East Broadway along Highway 64.”

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